Holders of foreign qualifications

Holders of foreign qualifications can be accepted to the state-funded study places in Lithuanian higher education institutions or claim for scholarships in accordance with the procedures established by the applicable legislation in cases when:

  • They are citizens of the Republic of Lithuania or other member countries of the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) and their family members;
  • They are non-EU and non-EEA nationals granted a right of permanent residence in the Republic of Lithuania or they are stateless persons;
  • They are Lithuanian nationals residing abroad, who reside or have resided abroad.

Foreign nationals and stateless persons who do not meet the required criteria are accepted to study at higher education institutions with their own funds by taking part in the competition.

The procedures for the competition to the state-funded study places for foreign qualification holders are approved by the Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania No. V-932 “On the approval of the description of the procedures for the competition of foreign qualification holders to the state-funded study places” of 19 June 2020 (https://www.e-tar.lt/portal/lt/legalAct/3a74d240d31411e68d79c2033f194657).

Holders of foreign qualifications willing to study at Lithuanian higher education institutions must:

  1. Contact the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (SKVC) regarding academic recognition of foreign qualifications (Academic recognition is not required: European Baccalaureate Diploma Holders; since 2019 graduated qualifications in Latvia Atestāts par vispārējo vidējo izglītību or Diploms par profesionālo vidējo izglītību; since 2019 graduated qualifications in Estonia Gümnaasiumi lõputunnistus or Kutsekeskhariduse lõputunnistus) and regarding grades conversion and evaluation of study subjects (SKVC contacts: A. Goštauto g. 12, Vilnius, phone +370 5 210 4772, e-mail skvc@skvc.lt);
  2. Pass the  Lithuanian language test (if selected studies are conducted in Lithuanian and if the person has no proven record of language knowledge issued by competent authority);
  3. Complete the online application.
  4. Pass the entrance examinations (if required for selected study programmes);
  5. Enclose to your application the copies of document before deadline.

The following documents have to be enclosed to the completed application form:

  1. A certificate issued by Vilnius University regarding the test  of Lithuanian language or document issued by other competent authority (an embassy, municipality or officially registered Lithuanian community of respectful country);
  2. Sport federations certificate and competitions Protocol (willing to study at the programs of sport);
  3. Documents issued by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education evidencing secondary education or equivalent received in non-Lithuanian higher education schools;
  4. A certificate issued by the Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education regarding recognition of study subjects and grades conversion;
  5. A document in Lithuanian, English or Russian language evidencing the status of a family member of the Republic of Lithuania, the European Union or a state of the European Economic Area.

For the list of documents to be presented for academic recognition of foreign qualifications, grades conversion and evaluation of study subjects please visit the official SKVC website.

Recognition processing time

SKVC requires one month to process an evaluation from the day all documents, including additional documents, are received. Standard evaluation processing time is up to several weeks, except where pending a response from competent authorities on additional information. It is the responsibility of an applicant to provide all the necessary documents. In cases where the provided information is insufficient, the period of evaluation may be extended to three months. For more information please call +370 5 210 4772.

The test of Lithuanian language

The test of Lithuanian language is to evaluate the applicant’s ability to study in Lithuanian language. Listening, reading, writing and speaking skills and the ability to use the language are assessed during the test.

For questions regarding the test of Lithuanian language the applicant has to contact the Dept. of Lithuanian Studies (Faculty of Philology) at Vilnius University (Universiteto g. 5, Vilnius). For more information please contact +370 5268 7214, +370 5 268 7215 or http://www.lsk.flf.vu.lt/en